27 Feb 2021

Sirjan the World City of Kilim, located in beautiful Iran. By traveling there you will get provided with new windows in cultural, social and economic fields. Sirjan is one of the ancient cities in the world and today has a worldwide reputation for having one of the most beautiful and noble hand woven in human societies. Sirjan's famous kilim known as Shirikipich, is the product of the artistry of the tribal and rural girls and women in the city that stunts every tourist. In addition, Sirjan possesses a collection of significant historical monuments that brings you the sense of history while watching.

Traveling to Sirjan, you will be amazed to see the pistachio gardens and large iron and copper mines created thanks to the efforts of the farmers and craftsmen of this area.

Therefore, you are invited to enjoy a unique experience while traveling to this interesting city. You will surely fill with the sweet feeling of walking around the global city of Kilim while partnering with the hospitable people.

Reza Sorushnia, Mayor of Sirjan

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